How can I volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering for the race please contact info@racetx.com

How do teams work?

One person (Team Captain) creates a team on the Registration page. Team Captain will create a unique team name and password then invite others to join via email or Facebook!

Are strollers and kids allowed?

Participants of all ages are welcome, even ones in strollers! If they walk, jog, or run they will need to register and have a race bib.

How is the color administered?

The color is tossed on you by our wonderful volunteers! It is fun, friendly, and completely non-violent. It’s like a powdered sugar food fight!

Will the color ruin clothes or shoes?

The sooner you wash it the better. If you want the color to stay spray it with vinegar and iron before washing.

How do we clean up after the event?

There will be an air blowing, color cleaning station to remove surface color and leave you car-friendly. We encourage you to place a towel down in your car to prevent color from rubbing off. For removing color remember, the sooner you wash your clothes the better! If you want the color to stay on your clothes, spray them with vinegar and iron before washing.